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Call of Duty, Dead Space veteran joins PUBG team to lead a new studio

Call of Duty, Dead Space veteran joins PUBG team to lead a new studio

To boost up the growing popularity of Battle Royale genre among fans, PUBG Corp. i.e the company behind the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, announced that new narrative-focused games will be developed under a new studio called Striking Distance. It is a move that’s sure to surprise some fans of the battle royale genre. The new studio called Striking Distance will be led by none other than industry veteran Glen Schofield.

Glen Schofield was responsible for getting Dead Space off the ground at Visceral Games and later founded Sledgehammer and helped lead Call of Duty back to success with the release of COD: WWII. Sledgehammer is best known for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which they worked on with Infinity Ward.

PUBG Corp. announced the creation of the new studio with the involvement of Schofield on Wednesday in a press release and a video later. Striking Distance will be based in San Ramon, California, and as it is a relatively new company. Schofield didn’t specify if this project will be a totally new game or if it’ll be an extension of the PUBG game. But he did clarify that it won’t be a sequel to PUBG. Glen Schofield spoke about his plans for the studio with the CEO saying that the team will be working on an “original narrative experience” that’s set in the PUBG universe. 

Schofield said that freedom to explore the PUBG universe made him excited and he looked it upon as something which is beyond battle royale.

PUBG Corp. spun out of Bluehole, a South Korean developer and publisher known for its multiplayer games. The addition of a new development studio, Striking Distance, can play a big role in change and expansion for PUBG Corporation. 

Brendan Greene, who’s responsible for creating PUBG, said in March that he was stepping down as the game’s lead developer and would instead be heading up the new PUBG Special Projects team. PUBG is looking to push the series out into different genres and styles of game to expand the brand and its appeal. This is a strategy that other franchises have attempted in the past but few are truly successful. Still, Schofield has worked on some incredible games over the years, so whatever he comes up with will certainly be interesting.

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