Google shuts down its ‘Trips’ app with features pushed to Google Maps & Google Travel Search

Google shuts down its 'Trips' app with features pushed to Google Maps & Google Travel Search

Google is killing its Google Trips travel app but is it a big deal since the travel app was introduced three years ago. Don’t worry if you are an avid Google Trips users because everything from saved places to notes and attractions, places visited and others will be available via Google’s reworked travel search while some of the features will be accessible via Google Maps app.

According to Engadget, notes that users have mentioned and saved including the places saved and reservations made will be available at your disposal until you are connected to either the Google Maps app or Google travel search website where you can check out the notes and edit it if you want. Furthermore, Google Maps will showcase information on trip reservations and other details that will be available offline.

Google has upgraded its travel page to fit new features borrowed from the now-defunct Google Trips app. Users can check out information related to hotels, flights, attractions, and past trips on the browser as well as the Google Maps app. They can check out the places they visited and restaurants and other information within the ‘Explore’ tab on Google Maps. It is unsurprising why Google decided to render the Trips app defunct since most of its features and functionalities have already trickled down to the Travel Search and Google Maps where the latter has an upper hand when it comes to planning an adventure or visiting a place or on a trip or so on.

Google Maps is one of the best mapping services available across the globe thanks to its crowdsourced traffic-related information along with the route to destinations, attractions, ATMs, hospitals, and whatnot. It shows the duration it’ll take to drive or walk to a place at a distance and even includes the overall duration depending upon the speed of the user as well.

The Google Travel search page which has a headline ‘Trips’ which goes in-hand with the now-defunct app allows users to explore, search for hotels and flights and more. It lists popular destinations and showcases information on past trips. Click on any popular or search the place and you will find details on the attractions and tourist spots as well as cost of flights, when to visit, and a bunch of other information available at your disposal.

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