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Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies

Sony starts talking about PS5 strategies

As the Sony PlayStation 5 is slated to unveil at the end of 2020 and so is the Project Scarlett from its biggest rival Microsoft, Sony has devised certain strategies that it will follow through in order to headstrong against its rival’s upcoming console as well as the entire gaming console scenario which is changing ever since Google introduced its internet-based gaming platform Stadia.

According to Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, PS5 is a niche product especially made for serious players around the globe. In fact, Sony wants to create the market for PS5 similar to how its last-generation PlayStation 4 blew the world of gaming after it was unveiled in 2013 and has been one of the favorites of many top-notched gamers along with a high-end competitor from Microsoft as well.

Yoshida mentioned that it will currently focus on its upcoming gaming console PS5 thereby increasing its computational power to the maximum which is calculated in terms of teraflops. It also mentioned its strategy to acquire gaming studios that would help it focus more on quality and top-notched games. It is also concentrating on indie game publishers that would cater AAA games once the gaming console is out and available by the end of next year. Although it will allow smaller developers to publish games on its platform, the crucial focus will be on the bigger players such as the Electronic Arts.

Sony was reported stating how it isn’t worried about the cloud-gaming scene that has been budding around nowadays since it is something with mid-or-long term effect. In fact, the Japanese giant states how people aren’t ready for cloud-based gaming experience yet although the stats published during the launch of Google Stadia showcases high computational power that will be available at player’s disposal once it is launched this November 2019.

Sony is currently a market leader in the gaming console sector and with the various strategies in plays, it seems like Sony will aggressive evolve the graphics of its upcoming console while providing developers with tools in an attempt to stay ahead of the game.

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